Cancellation Policy

Whilst we appreciate that cancellations do occur, we also need to compensate our supply heroes, as they are less likely to get another booking, particularly if cancelled at the last minute. Therefore, in the spirit of fairness we will charge the following cancellation fees which will be passed directly to the candidate whose booking is cancelled, with 20% of the fee going to SupplyNow to cover our admin costs.

We also provide a 5-minute cool-off period (see below for details). Be sure to use it wisely!

5-minute cool off
Once you have added a booking to the system and a candidate has accepted the booking, you have 5 minutes from their acceptance in which to cancel the booking before it is confirmed on the system. This is in case you have multiple agencies working on your behalf and they may get you a candidate first.

Cancellation Fees
Bookings cancelled more than 5 days in advance (e.g. if the booking is for Wednesday, it must be cancelled by midnight on Thursday of the week previous) will incur no penalty. If a booking is cancelled with less than 5 business days before the booking is due to commence, SupplyNow will charge the following fee:

Engagement cancelled within: Cancellation fee (excluding VAT):

5 days


4 days


3 days


2 days


1 Business day


Same Day


Feel free to email us at if you have any questions!
First five minutes – use it!


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