Teachers are heroes. You deserve fair pay, now.

  • We will always pay teachers and teaching assistants fairly, always within the pay scale and in line with permanent staff.

  • In fact, we pay £150* for Qualified Teachers & £80 for Teaching Assistants!

  • SupplyNow is now live across the South East.

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Why teachers love SupplyNow

Honestly recommend that all supply teachers sign up to SupplyNow. Not only is it easier, but I love that fact that they are highlighting how unfairly supply teachers are often treated. I’m fed up with people thinking I make way more money than a permanent teacher – I don’t! Mainly because the recruitment consultants take so much. I didn’t actually realise how much until I joined. It’s nice to feel like people are seeing it for what it is, and that we can actually make a massive change.

David KS2 Teacher Greater London

I’ve been with SupplyNow for just over 6 months and am really pleased I joined them. I’ve actually just been offered a permanent position with a school I’ve been with for 2 months, so it’s all worked out brilliantly!

Kylie M TA Croydon

The best thing about SupplyNow is the fact that I know now in advance where I’m working! With my previous agencies I had to sit and wait by the phone which I absolutely hated. With the app I can accept a job on the weekend for the following week and then relax knowing where I’m going and what time!

Sabina A Early Years Teacher Croydon

Questions? We got it covered :-)FAQs

SupplyNow believes in fair pay on supply.  In our pilot areas of Kent and Surrey we guarantee a minimum of £150 per day for qualified teachers.  This is between M4 and M5 on the Main Pay Scale.  For any longer term assignments we insist on parity with permanent staff from day 1 of your booking.  We believe that supply teachers should be paid fairly and ethically.  That's whay we encourage you to be paid on a PAYE basis directly by us rather than through umbrella companies.

Since September 2013 schools, including maintained schools, have been free to agree a scale point with supply teachers rather than having to honour MPS points gained from previous employment.  

Afraid not, not with SupplyNow. HMRC are clamping down hard on what they view "false self-employment". They have tightened up on the tests they use to assess whether someone is truly in business for themselves. Our view, backed by plenty of experts, is that it is almost impossible for a supply teacher or teaching assistant to legitimately claim self-employment and meet the test criteria. If HMRC decides that a teacher or teaching assistant is not really self-employed then they can demand back-taxes, interest and penalties from both the candidate and whoever it was that paid them, whether that is an agency or direct payment by a school. We'd rather not risk it and suggest you think carefully before going down this route. If you want to check have a look on the HMRC website (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-employment-status-for-tax). Other platforms are offering this as it makes their life easier and means they can charge less to schools as they are avoiding costs like Employer's National Insurance contributions.  Recent changes to legislation in April 2017 make the tests even tighter for anyone working in the public sector.

We clear all our candidates in line with the latest DfE Keeping Children Safe in Schools : Safer Recruitment document.

Our checks include:

  •   Identity
  •   Right to Work
  •   Verification of professional qualifications (including overseas qualification equivalency)
  •   Enhanced DBS and/or overseas police check
  •   Barred List check
  •   Medical physical and mental assessment
  •   Prohibition from teaching check
  • Disqualificaiton by Association declaration

It is easy to capture and upload your documents using our web app and our soon to be launched iOS and Android apps. We aim to make this as quick and painless as possible - we know it is annoying to have to keep digging all this stuff out!

You won't be able to accept work on the system until all your vetting checks are complete. If any of them lapse then you won't be able to accept work until they have been renewed. Don't worry, we'll give you plenty of notice of anything that is going to expire.

Fair pay, more choice, more control. You accept broadcast jobs that match the criteria you set.

Full transparency of pay and charge and margins. See exactly what the difference between what you are paid and what the schools is charged is and where the difference goes. We've got nothing to hide!

A bit like Uber or Tripadvisor. You can rate schools and add them to your favourites or "don’t send back” list. The school will have full visibility of your feedback ratings and we may make suggestions on how they could improve feedback. Additionally the school is asked to give a star rating on the candidate. Rating help ensure we have complete transparency in our community. A school will rate you based on how you performed against the brief, i.e. did you follow the lesson plan, were you on time and did you complete marking that was set (if specified as part of the booking)? A school can also add candidates to their favourites list so you will be to be contacted first, or add you to their "don’t send back list. We know that not every candidate gets on well at every school, and vice versa.

We are not allowed to contribute to the TPS (Teachers Pension Scheme). As you are paid by SupplyNow rather than the end-user school, we cannot contribute to TPS for teachers as an employer. However, nor will you have employee deductions made for TPS. SupplyNow does offer a pension scheme in line with the Pensions Auto Enrolment legislation.Some supply teachers have told us that if they do not intend to work on supply for very long then they would rather have the money in their pocket rather than contribute 10% of their pay to their pension.

Schools are required to contribute 16.48% of pay as an employer contribution to TPS, another reason they would often use a teacher who is not directly employed.

Teaching Assistants do not have access to TPS but can generally join a Local Authority scheme or the employing Academy's pension scheme.

SupplyNow will offer a pension scheme to all directly engaged candidates in line with the government's Pension Auto Enrolment legislation.

SupplyNow believes in fair pay on supply. In our pilot areas of Kent and Surrey we guarantee a minimum of £150 per day for qualified teachers (between M4 and M5 on the Main Pay Scale), £100 for experienced Cover Supervisors, and £80 for experienced Teaching Assistants.  For any longer term assignments you will be paid parity with permanent staff from day 1 of your booking. We believe that supply teachers should be paid fairly and ethically.  

We also won't expect you to pay our taxes from your pay if you work via an Umbrella Company - your rate will be uplifted to compensate. You may be doing this at the moment and not be aware of this. That's why we encourage you to be paid on a PAYE basis directly by us rather than through umbrella companies. 

Our candidates always receive the rate we quote - it will be in writing in the app and will be completely transparent. This all means more in your pocket than through a traditional agency.

We are starting with Kent, Medway, Surrey, Croydon, Bexley and Bromley. Once we are up and running in these areas we will ask for votes on where we should go next. It is likely that we will concentrate on population centres first, but who knows?

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There are real people behind SupplyNow, with masses of recruitment and teaching experience and so we know how things work.

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Our Philosophy at SupplyNow

We've spent long enough listening to those working "on supply" explain how low the pay is and how much of the money is swallowed up by inefficiency and commissions.

We think traditional agencies take too much so we give you more choice, better rates and a faster and more convenient service

In numbers....


40% typical agency profit margin

£1.55b spent by schools on supply cover per year

£150* Guaranteed minimum pay rate for qualified teachers in Kent and Surrey with SupplyNow

We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist for Startup of the Year at the Bett Awards 2018

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