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Get to Know Us: The Easter Edition

Hands up who’s excited for Easter? *Both hands fly up* Anyone like us and looking at Easter as an excuse to sit back and eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner? Ok, ok, you got us, there may be the odd occasion outside of the holiday where we’ve been caught doing this too!  ..

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It's time we changed our way of thinking with dyslexia. Don't you agree?

It's thought that as many as one in 10 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia (NHS ( Therefore, it’s safe to say that you’re pretty much guaranteed to have at least one student in your class that has dyslexia or another form of neurodivergenc ..

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Part-Time Work: Is Less More?

If you had the choice to work part-time and know that it wouldn’t affect your career progression, would you do it? If you answered yes, you are not alone, as one in four full-time workers would choose to make the change. The world we live in is fast-paced, competit ..

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Find the key to your happiness...

Happy International Day of Happiness! Today the world celebrates happiness and all things that make us, well…happy! Did you know that smiling can reduce stress, make you more productive, more approachable to others and, as a bonus, they’re pretty contagious? This day is a little ..

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Government Plans to Help Get Teachers Back in the Classroom

Taking a career break is something that many people feel the need to do, whether it’s to start a family, tick off your dream of travelling or to benefit your mental health and well-being. Teaching is no exception to this and, if anything, it’s more of a necessity in this profession for a lon ..

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British Science Week: STEM for Everyone!

When it came to learning science at school, were you a lover or a hater? It seems like most people fall into one of those categories and rarely in between. But science is everywhere and, guaranteed, we all have a passion that somehow involves science, may that be make-up or animals. The 9th- ..

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Six Degrees of Separation? Try two….

All people (and everything else in the world) are only six steps away from each other and a chain can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps, or so the saying goes. It is also said, according to a well-known drinking game, that Kevin Bacon can be linked to any other acto ..

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5 Maths Teachers You Need to Know About on Twitter

How to make maths more engaging? Ever found yourself asking this question? For those more mathematically inclined, perhaps not, but for those of you who find yourself teaching math when it’s not necessarily your favourite subject, it can present some challenges! We know if we’re not con ..

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How to be an Educator and Still Have Time for Yourself

‘Is there really such thing as a work/life balance when you are an educator?’ Some of you will say yes, some of you will shrug and some of you will totally disagree but with whatever job you choose to do, finding a work/life balance is a necessity. As an educator myself, I do find it very  ..

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World Book Day: Who’s Your Inner Book Character?

Happy World Book Day everyone! Many of you will have come to school today, suited and booted, in your finest fancy dress. Perhaps you've come as your favourite book character or just the funniest one you could think of! Well, we didn’t want to miss out. We may not be in fancy dress t ..

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