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Get to Know Us: The Easter Edition

Friday, March 30, 2018

Get to Know Us: The Easter Edition

Hands up who’s excited for Easter? *Both hands fly up*

Anyone like us and looking at Easter as an excuse to sit back and eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner? Ok, ok, you got us, there may be the odd occasion outside of the holiday where we’ve been caught doing this too!

Whether your plans are chocolate centred, family focused, or more traditional and looking towards the Easter story, we hope it’s a fun weekend, and that all your chocolate dreams come true.

Speaking of chocolate dreams…we’ve been having a discussion, and maybe you could join in too?

If you could design your own Easter egg, what would it be? Also, which chocolate bar describes you best?

Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, and let us know what your answer would be. While you think, here’s what we came up with – it could be a fun way for you to get to know the person you’ve been on the phone with!


I’d invent a Nutella egg! Inside would be filled to the brim with Nutella, and I would literally eat it with a spoon!

I actually Googled ‘which chocolate bar am I’ (sad I know)! So after a few questions, I’m a Galaxy bar: I’m smooth and sophisticated, also kind, diplomatic and sensitive! I do really love Galaxy chocolate!



I’m a lover of praline so if it was possible to make a super thick shell that was praline – that would be a dream for me.

I copied Jemma and also did a chocolate quiz – turns out I’m a Flake, which supposedly means I’m not very punctual but a ‘guaranteed CRAIC to be around!'


Smarties Easter eggs have always been my fave! If I could design an egg, I would probably make that one about three times bigger and cram it full of Smarties - not just a few in a little bag! Also, I would probably make the Smarties the size of a 50 pence piece.

Choosing a chocolate bar to describe me is tough. Sometimes I'm a bit Snickers and sometimes I'm 90% cocoa with some sophisticated flavouring! My quiz results were a Flake too though.


My favourite Easter eggs are Yorkie and Dime Bar, but if I had to invent one, it would be a massive Bounty egg. It would be completely filled with the coconut stuff! Dark Bounty (red) - not milk Bounty (blue). It’s the taste of paradise - it said so on the telly!


The Easter egg I would love to have is an egg made of ice cream, and the ice cream would be a white Magnum!

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