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So you want to become a teaching assistant? Here’s what you might not be expecting...

Are you about to start a new job as a teaching assistant? How do you picture it? Playing with kids, maybe some photocopying, a bit of admin, home at 3.30…that’s what our TA friend, Katie, was thinking too. It’s safe to say, her time in the classroom hasn’t been so simple (othe ..

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SOS - I'm Heading into NQT Year!

NQT Year Fear It’s been said, that starting NQT year is like stepping into the classroom for the first time as a trainee all over again. It can be very nerve-wracking and almost like you’ve forgotten everything you know! You haven’t. Don’t panic. You’ve had the training, and you woul ..

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Showing your students the distance they’ve come

Teaching at this time of year can be difficult – we’re all tired and feel like we should be on a beach already. But it’s also a lovely because we get to see how far we’ve come over the last ten months. “Me and your mum are so proud of you… you know that don’t you.” I hea ..

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Sports Day Ideas for Everyone to Enjoy!

Ready, set, go! Sports day is here! It’s National School Sports Week! Are you ready to welcome in the fun for sports day and, with a bit of luck, enjoy some sunshine? National School Sports Week was created to encourage pupils to be more active, and this year, the theme is: ‘celebrating the  ..

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Teachers: Get the Most Out of Yourself this Half Term

Teaching can be gruelling - it's incessant, the work never ends - but when you're tired and run down, the quality of your work suffers - and that's a fact. We all want to make sure our students do their best - but to do this you need to look after yourself first. Here's a few things to ..

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How to Make It Through Exam Season Part 2: Students

Can you smell the stress and anxiety in the air? It can only mean one thing: exam season! Hopefully, you and your students are in a good place about the oncoming weeks. Naturally, there's a lot of pressure during this time, everyone wants to do their best, and as teachers, we want to s ..

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How to Make It Through Exam Season Part 1: Teachers

There’s one word that springs to mind when you hear the word exam: stress! Ok, maybe also no life, no sleep and did we mention…STRESS? And that’s just the teachers! You want what's best for your students, to see them happy and go on to succeed in life, so it’s easy to apply pres ..

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Science Resources You Need to Know About on Twitter

Following on from our blog that helped you find the best maths resources on Twitter (which you seemed to love!), we thought we’d continue the trend and take a look at science too! With the proper resources and passion, science can be a lot of fun for everyone - both teacher and student ..

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10 Motivational Quotes to Get You to the End of Term

The start of a new term is the perfect time for fresh starts, but it can also be a little daunting – the count to the next set of holidays begins again and often seems ridiculously far away! It’s nice to have a reminder sometimes of what we can do and what we can achieve because when t ..

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Teacher Wellbeing is Priority Number One. Get the Support You Need.

‘The number of teachers seeking mental health support has risen by 35% in the past 12 months. Many of them are in crisis.’ The above statement is from an article recently published in The Guardian ( ..

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