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The Supply Teacher Survival Pack

Supply teaching is rewarding work, but comes with its own unique causes of stress. Be it a last-minute opportunity from your teaching agency, or hopping between three schools a week as you cover multiple supply teacher jobs, there is always some uncertainty about your daily regime. Th ..

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Why supply work is the perfect choice for highly experienced teachers

Those with a genuine passion for teaching rarely actually want to stop, but getting older can make full time teaching hard. Like any job it has physical demands and teachers over a certain age frequently find themselves getting more tired after a full day in the classroom as time goes on. M ..

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Ready to take the New Year by storm?

Hello everyone! We hope you’re all still feeling refreshed after your Christmas break. Will you be stepping into this new term with a spring in your step or are you returning feeling slightly heavy-hearted? We hope not, but if you are, remember SupplyNow is here as a different option.  ..

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2017: The Year of SupplyNow

Where does the time go? Can it really be 2018 already? Madness! But what a year 2017 was! Something that many of us like to do as we step into a new year is to reflect on the year we've just experienced. It helps us to appreciate what we have overcome, recognise what we've achieved and think ..

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SupplyNow Christmas Tales

Christmas is a time of joy and for making memories – some of them funnier than others. Here are some of our stories from over the years. Hopefully, you'll be able to relate and even have a chuckle! Simon, Founder: I remember despising having to be in the nativity play to the very cor ..

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SupplyNow's Favourite Christmas Songs

We love getting into the Christmas spirit here at SupplyNow, so we've rounded up our favourite Christmassy songs to help you get into it too! ‘Fairy-tale of New York (’, The Pogues & Kirsty McColl - Simon, Founder ‘Do You Hear What I Hear  ..

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Supply teachers: establishing your attitude towards fun in the classroom this Christmas

It’s not uncommon for teachers to take their foot off the gas ever so slightly in the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately, this can create a dilemma of sorts for supply teachers. After all, you’ll no doubt want to make an impact when given a chance to shine in a role, but it’s hard to do this whe ..

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#WeLoveTeachers! Keep going – you’re doing an amazing job!

As we’re getting deeper into the Autumn Term and closer to Christmas (isn’t that crazy!), we just wanted to take a moment to remind you that, well…YOU’RE PRETTY AWESOME! You might be in the thick of preparing for whatever type of Christmas production your school is putting on and, alt ..

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Children need playtime... and so do supply teachers

It's easy to think that, as a supply teacher, it's difficult to have a lasting impact on your pupils' lives, but simply by encouraging children to play outside rather than staying inside at break time, you could be providing a very important and undervalued role. A government report rele ..

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School spending on supply teacher agencies: is there a solution?

There's no questioning how essential supply teachers are, but the shocking reality is that school spending on the traditional supply teacher agency has increased by a fifth in just three years, according to a report by The Telegraph ( ..

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We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist for Startup of the Year at the Bett Awards 2018

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