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Three ways supply teachers can uphold a perfect sickness record

A great reputation can’t be achieved overnight – just ask supply teachers. Substitutes can spend years trying to prove that they’re worthy of a role and that schools aren’t taking a chance by inviting them into their classrooms. If you’re a supply teacher, you can demonstrate your trustwor ..

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Children’s Mental Health Week: Challenging Low Self-Esteem and #BeingOurselves

Self-image. It’s something that most of us struggle with at some point in our lives, and for many, it’s a constant battle. There's a pressure for us to look a certain way and a craze for if you’re not happy with something on your body – change it! Get lip fillers, or change your face with ma ..

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The Top Teacher Savings on the Market Right Now

Teaching is a rewarding line of work, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a gift in itself to watch children and young people grow into confident, capable adults. However, in terms of financial gifts and rewards, let’s be honest, unfortunately there are not a lot of them! We would love to se ..

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3 Reasons Why Supply Teaching Should Be Your Number 1 Choice

...and not a last resort! For many people considering a career in education, supply teaching often carries the misconception of being a “last resort” – and with so many myths surrounding the role, it’s easy to understand why some would-be supply teachers are put off by the idea. Th ..

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Why SupplyNow is the perfect choice for new parents

A couple of weeks ago, we read an article ( about how recruiters are making it increasingly hard ..

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How to overcome the most common challenges as a long-term supply teacher

Securing a role as a long-term supply teacher can bring a real sense of security to your career as well as the continuity of building relationships in one school for an extended period. For this reason, many supply teachers enjoy this kind of longer term opportunity in education. As with all tea ..

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How to thrive as a supply teacher

Supply teaching is a vital role that will be varied and spontaneous, but you need to take the right steps to make it fun, financially viable and beneficial for the kids too. Here we explore how you can thrive as a supply teacher. Join a teaching agency Joining a teaching agency is the  ..

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Change Things Up - Don’t Let the Pressures Get to You

You may have read in the news that due to there being such a shortage of teachers, the Government is now paying recruitment companies millions of pounds to locate staff from other countries. According to The Evening Standard ( ..

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5 Great Habits for Education Staff

New Year’s resolutions can be challenging to keep. We often find ourselves setting impossible tasks, some perhaps you’ve given up on already! So, how about something more manageable; some simple habits that you can fuse into your day that will transform the way you feel and the way you handle si ..

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The scandal rocking the supply teacher industry

Shocking figures from investigations into the way unscrupulous agencies are recruiting supply teachers show the taxpayer may be losing millions of pounds each year in unnecessary fees. The Daily Telegraph found that some recruitment companies were using job fairs and university events t ..

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