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Annual London Education Report 2017 - what does it mean for you?

The Mayor’s Annual Education Report has been published, summing up the aims, strategies and programmes needed to ensure that London can provide a world-class education system. Much of its findings pivot on having sufficient numbers of staff, and teachers of the right caliber. The report a ..

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I’m on a mission to save UK schools £300m a year and here’s how you can help!

I started SupplyNow because I believe that the supply staff market is severely broken for UK schools. The spend is going up every year, with more of it going to private agencies. There’s been an explosion of supply agencies in recent years and they’re all making money by charging schoo ..

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Why We Love the On-Demand Educator (And You Should, Too!)

There’s a group of people who work extremely hard for less money than those they are working alongside. They don’t know when or where they’ll be working next or how much money they will make. They’re often going into situations where they know very little about the place they will be working, an ..

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Snapchat - Maps - Do you know about Ghostmode?

Snapchat has come out with its latest update and... it’s pretty controversial. One of it’s newest features is that it shows where the user is on a detailed map (click here ( to see their advert). It even goes to the point where you ..

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We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist for Startup of the Year at the Bett Awards 2018

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