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SupplyNow Can Save UK Schools and Taxpayers £300m*

Monday, September 11, 2017

SupplyNow, an ed-tech startup, launching in Kent, Surrey and London, aims to transform the UK supply teaching market by directly connecting fully vetted supply staff with schools. The innovative platform offers up to 25% higher pay, robust safeguarding controls and complete transparency - reducing school costs, saving huge agency fees and enabling more to be spent on bettering schools, via a simple self-service interface.

The co-founders believe the supply market is broken. Spending is increasing, with agencies charging exorbitant fees. "Using innovative technology, control is returned to the supply heroes and schools by combining self-service convenience with fair pricing. The time is right to disrupt the education market and rebalance the power, keeping more money in the education system," explained Aimi Kearney.

SupplyNow's mission is to celebrate supply heroes. Simon Taylor has spent most of his career in recruitment, seeing first-hand the issues: "Temporary education staff are the only professional group I can think of where 'contractors' are paid less than permanent staff. Often underpaid and massively undervalued, this hidden workforce ensures that over 15,000 classes are taught every day in the UK. This stops potentially 30 parents/carers per class (450,000 families) receiving a call at work, to say their child is being sent home as there's no teacher. Without this, what kind of impact would there be on the UK economy?" SupplyNow demonstrates how smart technology can transform school budgets, improving educational outcomes.

Agencies typically charge a 40% margin, so schools in need of supply staff could benefit from SupplyNow's model, which works on a 13% margin and a permanent placement fee cap after 30 days' work. "We want to greatly improve upon the traditional ways of finding supply work by listening to customers and education experts and staying true to our values" says James Bailey. SupplyNow has collaborated with experts in recruitment, compliance, technology and education to develop the app; currently in the final stages of vetting and beta testing and having already hundreds of supply staff registered. It has successfully conducted tests demonstrating an average saving of £7-10,000 per permanent hire, which can be spent on critical resources instead.

SupplyNow continues to grow its early adopter program, which includes qualified teachers, teaching assistants and schools who have registered for their service, interested in being the first to be involved with important company and app updates. To register, go to

The SupplyNow iOS app is now available for download on the App Store:

For more information, contact Aimi Kearney at

* Based on a recent DfE study.

SOURCE SupplyNow

SupplyNow exists to improve upon the traditional ways of finding supply work and are using technology to guarantee teachers #FairPayNow while saving schools up to 20% off their supply budget.


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